Saturday, January 9, 2016

Judging A Book By Its Cover

Let's not beat around the bush. We do it. When we walk through a bookstore or are browsing for something to read on Amazon, we're looking for something specific: a book with a kick-ass looking cover, because that's what attracts us and calls out to us to check out the description and maybe flip through the first few pages or read the book sample. That's what the cover is meant to do, after all - make us pause for a moment and investigate further.
Herein lies something that we've unconsciously programmed ourselves to do throughout the years: we've taught ourselves to quite literally, judge a book by its cover. In response, cover artists have had to push themselves to almost superhuman capabilities, because if they can't deliver a kick-ass looking cover, the author's book won't get noticed, it won't even have a chance to sell, and both will face an almost uphill vertical climb: the author trying to get his/her book noticed, and the cover artist struggling to find work.
How did this all begin? I'll take a guess and say that somewhere along the line, someone created a cover that completely blew other book covers out of the water. I imagine it was like the scene from Dumb and Dumber: in a room full of black tuxedos, in walks Jim Carrey wearing an orange tuxedo. Among everyone in the room, in a sea of black was a splash of orange, which stood out.
Today, that room of black tuxedos no longer exists. Instead, it's a room of vibrant colors that stretch from one end of the color spectrum to the other. What once stood out in a sea of black no longer does - because there is no sea of black.
We've gotten so used to seeing those amazing covers, that we've come to expect it. As the artists and the technology becomes even more mind-blowing, our expectations for them have increased to the point of looking for something that goes beyond superhuman and risen higher, to the point of expecting them to be almost god-like.
I'll admit that I put cover designers and book artists on high pedestals. I am awed every day by the covers I see designed when something new comes out, and I have the utmost respect for those people for the amount of talent they have. I have zero talent in the drawing department myself, which is part of the reason why I have such a great respect for artists. Seriously, if you ask me to draw a person, what you'll get is a stick figure with a big round head. That's the limit of my artistic ability in the drawing department.
There are other artists that are just as amazing with digital drawing and painting too, it's not limited to physical paint and canvas. But our expectations have become so high now that we basically require every book to have a god-like cover in order for us to stop. If not, we pass it by and move on, never bothering to even read what the book is about.
And here is where the real tragedy that this line of insanely high expectations has gone to now: we judge books by their covers, not by the story within. There are some absolutely amazing stories out there that are only discovered by a small handful of people. Why? Because the author is just starting out, or couldn't afford to pay for a professional artist to design that god-like cover that might increase the chance a book will be read by a few handfuls more.
In a sea of color now, its a crap shoot. And for those just starting out or on such a tight budget that they can't afford to pay for advertising, which like anything else is really the only way to reach masses of potential readers... even with a god-like cover, it's difficult at best to get noticed - no matter how good of a storyteller you are.
So what is the point of all of this? Why go over any of this? To illustrate, let me provide a few images. I'll use my first fantasy book as the example, as it's gone through several cover changes from when I first published it to what it looks like today:

Original cover

First redone cover

Second redone cover (artwork by Mat Sadler)
Looking back, I see that first cover and I think "oh my God, that was horrible!" And then I look at the second one and think "well, that was better than the first one, at least." The last one I still love to look at. It's gorgeous. The artist who created that has more talent in the tip of his pinky finger than I have in my entire body.
I had submitted the book to Reader's Favorite last year for a review, and when it came back, I admit there were some tears, because the reviewer gave it a glowing 5* review, and I was given - along with the review - a sticker that I could add to the cover image to show it, which I did. This is the cover today:
Why show that off? To brag that Province of a Thief received a 5* review award? To get you to say "Holy shit, that is awesome!" and open up a new window to pull the book up on Amazon and discover that it's gotten almost a dozen more 5* reviews from readers on top of that?
No. It's to make my point. You see, except for some edits that I've put the book through to fix a few typos and make some minor changes (because I'm overly critical of myself and I strive for perfection, even knowing it's an impossible task but I shoot for it anyway), from that first book cover to the current one - the story has not changed.
When I first started writing as a career, I couldn't afford to hire a cover artist. So I designed the cover myself, using (you probably guessed it already) Word. Yes, I know... go ahead and shake your head in disbelief, it's alright. I was a newborn to the whole published author scene then. It took time to learn there was more to this thing than just writing.
Obviously that first cover needed to be changed. My sales (or rather, lack of) clearly showed that, so I spent a bit of money and found a stock photo that I liked, and along came cover #2. The title font and how it was displayed wasn't exactly a good choice, but it was a better image than the first. Still not good enough, however. Luckily tax season came around and with a bit of my return I looked for someone to redesign the cover again. I was lucky enough to come across Mat, who designed the cover at an affordable price and made it look like that first cover was done by someone with no drawing ability whatsoe... oh wait - it was, haha.
But through those redesigns, the story within didn't change. And that is the main point of all of this. The covers didn't change the story. Had I kept that first cover, I would still be waiting to get an actual sale from the book.
Covers need to be attractive. Everyone will agree with this. But they do not change the story within. When we're looking for something to read, we're not reading the book descriptions. We're looking at the cover image. And if it doesn't leap out at us, we're moving on to find one that does. That's the problem. We've become too reliant on the cover images. We've let them dictate our choices, and don't even bother to take a few minutes... a few minutes... to see what a book is about.
Not every author can afford to hire a cover artist or book designer. It's a simple fact. So they do their best to design their own covers using GIMP, Photoshop, (I use GIMP myself to create my Twitter images... that at least I have a greater ability in doing) or some other program to create book covers themselves. And then they cross their fingers and hope their skills are good enough that the cover will catch enough eyes and they'll make enough pocket change to be able to afford a professional artist/cover designer for their next book, or to redesign that one.
We've become a society that judges based on what we see. So let me end this with one final book image and a quote from one of the books in my Exiled trilogy, because they drive home my point:
"It is not what you see on the outside, but what lies on the inside that matters."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Starting off 2016 with a BANG!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season that was filled with good food, time spend with friends and family, and memorable moments. I know I did!
With the holidays over and the new year having arrived, I'm starting things off with a bang. I'm getting back to my current work in progress, the 4th and final book in my Tal'Avern Chronicles. But besides that, I've got two things to announce.
First, my Facebook Author Page hit 500 likes the other day, which is an amazing milestone for me, as I still kind of consider myself in my infant years as an author, having only been doing this for going on 5 years now.
I wanted to show my appreciation, so I am holding a Giveaway. If you haven't had a chance to read my work, I write in two genres: Fantasy (geared toward the YA crowd but definitely books that adults will (and have!) enjoyed, and Paranormal Romance, which lean more to the adult crowd due to some strong language and steamy romance scenes that are mixed in with the action, suspense, and all that good stuff :)
Rather than repeat what I've posted on my Author Page, I'll simply provide the link to the page, so you can read the nuts and bolts of the giveaway (prizes, rules, etc):
That's one announcement. The second one is in regards to my latest release, The Exiled Trilogy: Collector's Edition, which bundles all three books in the trilogy together into a single volume to bring you the complete story. So here's the exciting part: the individual books of the trilogy are $2.99 each, while the Collector's Edition is normally priced at $5.99. Basically, it's priced as a buy two get the third one free type of thing. HOWEVER...


From Jan. 8 - 14, the Collector's Edition (digital only) is going to be on a special promotion.... for $2.99.
So in essence, it's a buy one get two free deal. You'll be able to pick up the ENTIRE TRILOGY in it's Collector's Edition for the price that a single book in the trilogy normally costs.
I know, crazy right? Well like I said, I wanted to start the year off with a bang. :) Here's the link to the book's Amazon page:
The promo is scheduled to begin at 12 PST on the 8th for US readers. UKers, you'll be able to snag the CE a bit before then, of course.
In the meantime, while waiting for the promo to begin, feel free to check out some of the reviews from the individual books and perhaps read through some of the samples from the books (I love that Look Inside feature!!)
So head over to my Author Page, give it a 'like', and check out the giveaway post. If you agree with the rules (make sure to read them!) and want a chance to win, pop in a comment. I jokingly suggested excited people to comment with 'omg omg omg omg me me me me!' rather than just a simple 'me' in the comments. Several people actually have posted 'omg omg me me me' comments, hahaha. I got a good laugh out of it, so thank you for the enthusiasm :)
And don't forget, Jan 8 - 14, The Collector's Edition will be at a special promo price of $2.99, so when it starts, snag your digital copy!
I would like to add as well, not just for my books but any author's books, if you enjoy the story that you read, please take a few minutes to leave a review on the book's Amazon page. Reviews are the lifeblood of digital books, and every author is grateful for each and every review their books get, including me.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

December Donation Drive

Back at the beginning of December, when I released The Exiled Trilogy: Collector's Edition, I had made a promise. I feel very strongly about giving back, and about doing what I can to help make our world a better place. With the amount of negativity that surrounds us every day, I think doing such things is becoming more and more critical.
I'm no multi-billionaire that owns 5 houses, 8 cars, a yacht, a plane... I honestly don't really have anything one would probably consider 'extravagant.' And yet, the 1% flaunt their wealth and spend it on getting more and more shit to make themselves look like they're better than everyone else. Because they have money, they have to show it off. I'm sure there are a few people that pop in your head right away that fit the mold.
Now, not all of them do this. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two people I will mention who donate their time and quite a bit of their money to a lot of different charities and organizations. I personally look up to them both, not just because they're two of my favorite actors, but for everything they do to help make our world a little bit brighter for others.
As for me, I'm more than willing to give what I can when I am able to help make other's lives better, even if it's something small that will help put a smile on a face, or help to bring joy to their lives - if only for a little while. Because that's what life is about. Not what we can get, but what we can give, what we can do for each other.
I had made a promise that through the month of December, for every sale of my new release on Amazon, I would donate half of the profits to a charitable institution, along with at least half of the profits I would receive from pages read from all of my books through Kindle Unlimited.
While there were few sales of the Collector's Edition, and the pages read didn't amount to a significant amount (it was the holiday season after all, which certainly played a role in the low numbers) I gave my word - and I keep my word.
I took the liberty of snapping a few photos showing the sales and pages read:

And then as promised, I went and made the donation. It wasn't much, but every little bit helps to make wishes come true.

To those who made a purchase and those who upped that page count by reading any of my books through Kindle Unlimited, thank you. While I may have made the decision to donate half of my profits, you are the ones who deserve the praise, because you made it possible. The amount doesn't matter. Yes, I wish the donation would have been higher, but what matters is that the donation will go to helping grant wishes and putting smiles on the faces of children fighting against life threatening illnesses.
So for that, you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. It truly means a lot to me to have been able to make the donation with your help.
All My Best,
Scott A. Borgman

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fighting Writer's Block

I've had a few different jobs over the years, from my first job working at a movie theater when I was 16, to working in Collections for a year before I went to college, to working in the grocery industry for about twenty years after college. Though each of those jobs differed, they all had something in common - there was always that one employee... You know, the one who seemed to be ungodly slow, or somehow found a way to screw up even the simplest of tasks that I would end up having to either correct or completely redo.
I'm sure we've all got at least one story of a co-worker (either past or present) who comes to mind at the idea that we could talk about. Of course, in those situations, something can be done about them with some means of disciplinary action.
At least with those other jobs, there was a small sense of satisfaction when the problem was dealt with. Either said worker was disciplined, their work improved, or in some cases, they quit or were fired. And then there's my current job - the last job I hope I'll ever have. The one that, unlike my previous jobs, means so much more to me than being 'just another job'.
It's not handing out tickets, or calling people over past due bills, or stocking shelves. It's writing stories with the sole purpose of delighting and entertaining others. The hours are long, and the work is hard... harder than I ever imagined it would be when I dreamed of being a writer when I was little... but I love it nonetheless.
However, the job came with a catch: another employee. One who couldn't be disciplined. Who couldn't be fired. Who couldn't be persuaded to quit. One who would just come in whenever he wanted to, stay for however long he felt like it, and whose only purpose during his shifts was to annoy, harass, and keep me from getting a thing done.
I knew about him, even when I was little. We've all heard of him. He goes by the name of Writer's Block, 'WB' for short... or some other nickname that authors refer to him as, usually proceeded by an F-bomb or some other colorful word.
WB's most prolific 'skill' is coming to work when we least expect him to. How he's able to sneak in undetected, authors have no idea. We just look up and see him standing there. This is typically followed by "Oh, shit..." or some other colorful phrase.
He's also varied in his skillsets, which allows him to be the most annoying co-worker possible. For some of us, he can completely block our creative flow. For others, he'll change that flow in ways that when we finish a chapter, a scene, or even a few paragraphs, it just doesn't work for us. It doesn't flow the way we want it to... it doesn't feel right. And while we struggle to fix it, he sits back and laughs as he marvels at himself for how well he does his duties.
He's frustrating. Annoying. Hell, he's an complete ass. But we're not entirely powerless against him. We have our own weapons to fight him with. After all, if you can't beat him... turn the tables and piss him off instead. Give him a taste of his own medicine, fellow authors!
The first and probably one of the most used tactics is to simply save your work, get up, and walk away. Perhaps pour yourself a drink. You could sit down and read a book, watch a movie, or my personal favorite - turn on a game and blow shit up for awhile. I prefer games with explosions in them, or FPS shooters, something where you can see your target and think "There he is... take that!" *Headshot against another player (if playing in a multiplayer game) or explosion following which brings a sense of morbid satisfaction*.
Then there's the Rocky tactic. *queue Eye of the Tiger music* Keep fighting, don't back down... eventually WB wears down and Rocky... er, you the author, will come out on top and knock out WB for the count. Granted, he'll come back for a rematch someday, but the immediate victory shall be yours. Wave your Championship belt in his face and go back to working on your next great novel. 
Another tactic is the Evasive Maneuvers. If he's annoying a particular scene, leave it behind and move on to another scene - come back to it later. This one's easier for some than others. I can't use this particular tactic myself, since my writing style is specific: write from beginning to end, no deviations or detours. So personally, I'm left with the Rocky and the Blow Shit Up tactics, though I do like to mix it up and throw in the Read A Book and Watch A Movie variations just to keep him guessing.
So the next time WB clocks in for a shift, if you've been frustrated to no end with this part-timer who comes with the job and won't ever quit or get fired, remember: he may be an annoying ass, but that doesn't mean you have to sit down and take his abuse, hoping he'll get bored and leave quickly. WB doesn't usually work like that. He's a troll. Don't Feed the troll.
Blow Shit Up, Read A Book, Watch A Movie, Be Rocky, and use Evasive Maneuvers. He may be able to defend against some of them... but chances are, one or more of those tactics will work.
Write on, fellow authors!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reasons for Writing

Being an author, I have my reasons for doing what I do. Some authors write for monetary reasons, others write just as a side hobby, and others do it simply because they love to write, to create new worlds and compelling characters for readers to enjoy. There are certainly others, each one tailored to the individual author.
For me, there are several reasons why I write. The first is simply because it was what I was meant to do. I know this. I've known it ever since I was little and first began writing stories. Back then, those stories were short (never more than a few chapters) because I'd have an idea and start writing, and after a few hours I'd write something that would spark a new idea. I'd latch onto that and start a new story based around that idea.
I discovered early on that writing came naturally to me. When we're little, I think that often we're given the knowledge of what we're meant to do, but at that age, we don't always recognize it as such. Some of us follow the paths we were destined to walk. Others don't, for one reason or another.
I was one of those who didn't - at first. I chose to direct my own thread, and it wasn't noticed for about twenty years. But I've found out that Fate is a fickle lady, and when we pull our own thread in a way that screws up her tapestry, she can be an outright bitch.
She used tragedy to put my thread back where it was meant to go. A few years later, I made an attempt to move my thread elsewhere again when I stopped writing to take a construction job that took me out of state. What I got as a response from Fate for me having the audacity to touch my thread a second time was a car accident that left me with a fractured rib and eight weeks of almost unbearable pain as I recovered. And still, I didn't learn. I took a job at a pallet building company within walking distance of my house. Decent pay, no fuel costs... great, right? Apparently, Fate didn't agree because I narrowly missed having my hand crushed by the machine several times.
I'd already had a pretty good idea where my thread was supposed to go by then, and yet despite her previous warnings, I tried a fourth time to veer from what I was meant to do. The unnerving part is that I started getting a constant tingling in my fingers and hands almost right after I'd made the decision, and the very day I was planning to drive to one of the bigger towns nearby and grab an application for a grocery store (I figured with my previous twenty years of experience in the business, I could get a job easily) my left leg went out. It was nothing but dead weight that I had to drag along for almost a month before it relented. I regained the use of it, along with being diagnosed with MS as well. Thanks for that particular one, Fate. I really appreciate it. *sarcasm* 
Now, some may call these incidents purely coincidence, and others may see them as signs. Personally, I've learned my lesson. I'm not about to tempt Fate again. I think at this point, she's pissed enough at me for daring to touch my thread on four separate occasions and mess up her tapestry. I know now that she does not like anyone except her playing with those threads. I won't go for a fifth attempt, especially not living here in Wisconsin. The next time she might not give me any more warnings and just have a deer run out in front of the car or something and cut my thread completely.
But it's not just Fate's sick ways of reminding me that I was given a gift for a reason and that I damn well better use it. I truly love what I do. Despite the long hours, the frustrations, the headaches, and having to deal with the part time co-worker who clocks in whenever he wants and spends his shifts harassing me (damn you, Writer's Block!), there are other reasons why I do what I do.
It's wanting my wife and our kids to be proud of me for doing something significant and meaningful. Something that's more than simply stocking shelves in a grocery store, which is what I did for nearly twenty years. Sure, I rose up to a lead position in a few different departments, I was an Asst. Manager in one other, and I had even gotten a Manager spot in still another department over the years.
I'm not putting down any other jobs, they're all meaningful and serve a purpose. Honestly, I guess I just want my wife and kids to be proud of me for doing something that for me is more significant and meaningful compared to what I used to do. When I think of the difference between the two, of what my wife and kids used to say when someone asked them what I did for a living versus what I do now, this is what I think of:
"My husband/dad works in a grocery store stocking shelves and building displays."
"My husband/dad is an author."
Anyone can stock shelves. Hell, that was one of the first jobs I had twenty-four years ago, back when I was 16. I suppose that was one of the things that bothered me. It was just a job. I was good at it, but that's all it ever was - a job. I needed something more than to have what I do be more to me than just a job that almost anyone can walk in off the street and do. Being an author fills that need, because it's not something just anyone can do. Sure, we all had to do book reports and essays in school, but we were never assigned to write a 70,000+ word novel.
It's not an easy job, by any means. It's one of the most difficult things I've ever done, in fact. But it's also the most rewarding, because it focuses outwards. Its sole purpose is to delight and entertain others, and for me, that fills another need. A need to touch other's lives in a way that's more personal than just stocking shelves and working my ass off for little more than minimum wage.

When readers enjoy my books and leave amazing reviews, when they take the time to email me, whether it's to tell me what they loved, who their favorite characters were, how they literally cheered when a character they despised met his or her end, or even just to say hello and connect with me, it can turn around even my worst day in an instant. Those moments make everything - from the writing, the frustrations and headaches, the editing and promoting... and yes, even having that jerk WB clocking in at random times worth every single minute to me.
Another reason is because it's my legacy to my wife and kids, which is why I choose to write under my own name and not use a pen name for my Fantasy books, which are geared more towards the YA crowd but even adults have enjoyed, or my Paranormal Romance novels, which are for more mature audiences due to some strong language and steamy (not explicit) romance scenes mixed in with the action of the story.
Perhaps one day, when my time is up and I'm gone from this world, when my kids have children of their own, they'll have my books on a shelf in their own homes. Maybe they'll show their own children those books and say: "This is what my father/your grandpa did for a living. He was a writer." And perhaps my kids will watch those little eyes grow wide as their children look at those books, and it will spark something within them to read, perhaps even discover that they've been given a gift for writing themselves.
So what are my reasons for writing? Why do I do what I do? Because I was given a gift that was meant to be used, not set aside. Fate has reminded me of that on several occasions. Because as hard as this job is, it's also the most rewarding job for me, since it focuses outwards to others with the sole purpose of stirring their emotions. Because I want my wife and kids to be proud of me, to puff out their chests with pride when they tell others that their husband/dad is an author. And finally, because I want to leave a legacy for my kids with the books I've already written, and the ones that I have yet to write - books with my name on them. Books that one day I hope that they'll be proud to show to their own children when they tell them who I was, what I did, and why it meant so much to me. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Make Wishes Come True

With the holiday fast approaching, while we're all scrambling to put up decorations, preparing for parties with co-workers and friends, and getting ready to take trips to spend the holidays with family, there are others out there - children, who are fighting against life threatening illnesses.

The organization I've chosen to donate to this year was founded with these children in mind, to help make their wishes come true. In so doing, they're helping these children feel better, both physically and emotionally. Wishes come in all shapes and sizes, just like the children who make them.

Life isn't about what we can get, but what we can give. Our lives are not defined by what we have, they're defined by what we do. I've taken part in to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network, helped raise money for a new library facility near me, and donated books to two different libraries. Now, for this holiday season, with your help we can make wishes come true for children. That's what the holidays are meant to be about, after all.

My latest release bundles all three books in my Exiled trilogy together into a single Collector's Edition. In a way, it's very fitting that it's being released for the holiday season.

Here is the book description:

The complete story:
The Exiled
David doesn’t believe in the devil or angels. But when he’s hunted by one and protected by the other, the veil is lifted, and David discovers that his beliefs don’t matter. He holds the key to Lucifer’s prison – and Lucifer will stop at nothing to get it.

The Exiled: Continuation
The story continues as the impossible is made possible, and Lucifer begins a new game of deception. When 22-year-old Kaly becomes his target, her normal life is shattered beyond belief. The veil lifts once more as Kaly discovers who she really is, and that some horrors and nightmares are real.

The Exiled: Infinity
The veil is torn away and nothing is held back as the ultimate battle for survival begins. Kaly faces off with Lucifer, which begins a journey that will test her beyond anything she’s ever imagined. While the angels fight to defend Heaven and the old gods battle for Olympus, humanity faces the Apocalypse. Every story needs an ending… and this one will last until Infinity.

The Exiled Trilogy is a Paranormal Romance that weaves an action-packed tale of honor, duty, deception, betrayal, desire, and love... while taking a hard, emotional look at humanity. It was meant to be written. Destined to be told. Even fiction has truth within it.
**Due to some language and sexual content (not explicit), it may not be suitable for anyone 17 and under**

During the month of December, for every paperback copy of #TET that is bought directly from CreateSpace, the company that prints the book, $4 will be donated, and for every sale of it from Amazon (digital version included) $2 will be donated.

For Kindle Unlimited members, all of my books are available for you to read for free - the Tal'Avern Chronicles (YA Epic Fantasy) and the Exiled trilogy (Paranormal Romance - both in their individual books and bundled in the CE). As Amazon now pays authors whose books are in the program on a 'per page read' basis, you too can help make wishes come true... simply by reading my books. At least 50% of the profits I receive from pages read in December I will be donating. In all honesty, I'd love to bump that even higher, so the more books of mine that Kindle Unlimited members read, the higher I can raise that percentage.

If you need a gift for someone or even just want one for yourself, please consider picking up a copy of #TET. If you're a Kindle Unlimited member - read, read, read!! You'll be doing so much more than just giving a gift or reading  books. You'll be helping to make wishes come true for children battling against their illnesses.

You can help by spreading the word as well. Please, share this on your blogs. Post it on your Facebook. Tweet about it. Tell your friends and neighbors.

And if you choose to make a purchase or read with Kindle Unlimited, please come back here afterwards and post a comment on this particular blog entry and let us all know - because while I will be making the donation in the end, you are the ones who should get the recognition.
For your convenience, here are the links which will take you directly to the book's Amazon and CreateSpace pages:



And for you Kindle Unlimited members, here is the link to my Author Page on Amazon:

Thank you everyone. May you all have a joyous holiday season. Now, let's get to work! We have smiles to put on the faces of children, and wishes to help grant!

All My Best,
Scott A. Borgman

Monday, November 30, 2015

Teaser Video For #TET

For the past week and a half I've been working... well, let's just say a LOT of hours every day. I put my current novel, the final book in the Tal'Avern Chronicles series, on hold for a bit to work on a very special side project.

While I've been picking away at this project for quite some time actually, the last week and a half was one of those 'focus on nothing else' type things so I could get it done and out before Christmas. And I'm pleased to announce that the long hours were well worth it, as I'm in the final stages now... which means that unless some catastrophic event occurs, it will be done and available on time as I had hoped.

With that in mind, I give you a teaser of what's in store for this holiday season.

 A Paranormal Romance story.
Meant to be written. Destined to be told.
From beginning to end.

#TET is coming.